Adjustable heavy duty (FR) suspension hanger for the DEX210 alloy chassis, DIMEC (all), Type B (all) or DEX210 with 1347 Exotek chassis.

Quick shimming system allows stock HIGH roll center with 0 or 1.5 degree kick up OR lowers the inner rear arms by -2mm for LOW roll center with 0 or 1.5 degree kick up!

Easy shimming system means you do not need to disassemble the entire rear truck or buggy in order to change the anti squat or even high or low roll centers! Simply loosen the 4 screws and slide in or out the included shims.

Precision engineered from 7075 alloy.

Maintains the stock 3 degree toe in.

Allows for 0 or 1.5 degree kick up.

You are able to use this hanger in either RM or MM configuration.

Special Notes:

For Low Roll Center setting the hanger must be used with Exotek 1383, 1384, 1374 or 1375 RR LRC HANGER.

Requires the use of steel suspension balls TD330037 or EXO1202.

If LRC is used on any Durango chassis then the arms must be filed 1mm as shown.

If HRC is used on any Durango chassis then no arm modifications needed.

If LRC or HRC is used on the Exotek DEX210 Carbon chassis then no modifications needed.

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