Team Durango taka saranatappien pidike DESC410 ja DEX410 autoihin. Tällä palalla saat lisättyä takaaurausta sisemmästä saranatapista.

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High strength 7075 alloy rear/rear suspension hanger for the DESC410 and DEX410.

Beefed up center section for increased strength.

Use these hangers to adjust toe at the inner hinge pin while still being able to adjust anti squat via the Durango hanger inserts.

Designed to be used with TD330309 DEX410 HANGER INSERTS, not included.

PRO TIP- increasing the inner toe (inboard toe) can result in higher rear end grip then increasing the outter toe (outboard toe). As an example try 3.5 degree inboard toe and 0 degree outboard.

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