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HB RACING MEGABITE Mounted Tire (Pink/White Wheel/ 1/8 Buggy/2pcs)

HB RACING MEGABITE Mounted Tire (Pink/White Wheel/ 1/8 Buggy/2pcs)

Hot Bodies Megabite tires are fantastic mini-pin tires that are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay (including 'blue groove'), light dust conditions, and regular clay.

With hundreds of short square pins arranged around the carcass providing fantastic traction on the corners and a central double-row of extra-wide treads giving you excellent acceleration and stopping power, you can’t go wrong on well-groomed, dry, hard dirt when you use HB Megabite! Hot Bodies Megabite tires work perfectly on hard-pack dirt, with or without a light dust surface.

Use the Hot Bodies Megabites to tear a chunk out of the competition!

HB Tire Compounds:
Pink: Extra-soft for extra grip in low traction environments.
Red: Soft for racing or low-traction surfaces.
White: Medium, great for practice and all-around use.
Blue: Firm for high-bite tracks.